Can I hear an example of Mark Riddick’s work?

Yes, we have some examples of the material Mark Riddick has produced, recorded and mixed. Just click here and choose a song to hear.

Do you offer complete custom albums?

Yes, we work with everyone from Independent artists and labels to major labels. For more information about Mark Riddick’s clients and qualifications click here.

Do you offer songwriter demos? Why Do I need a demo?

Yes.. It’s not enough anymore to just turn in a guitar vocal work tape of your song. It’s a guaranteed way to get your material in the trash can. Producers, and record company staff expect a master quality demo if you want to be heard. Mark Riddick Productions works directly with publishers and record labels. Mark Riddick is well respected in the music community. Universal, Sony, and BMG are just a few of the labels that Mark works with directly; not to mention the staff writers from each label that he works with. For more information about Mark Riddick’s clients and qualifications click here.

How quickly can I get my new demo?

We typically do several sessions per month, so depending when we receive your request, you could receive your new demo as soon as a few days to a week. Typically within a few days. Just let us know if you need it sooner.

Where is Mark Riddick Productions located?

We are located on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. You may contact us by phone at 615.522.2954 and by clicking here to send us an email.

Can Mark Riddick offer any creative and A&R consulting?

Mark Riddick provides A&R (artist and repertoire) consulting on a retainer basis. Even the record and publishing labels rely on Mark Riddick for creative input with their artists and writers. click here to contact us.

How do I get my project started?

Call us at 615.522.2954. You simply get us a work tape/or email an mp3 of you singing your song with or without piano and/or guitar and we will do the rest. If you are out of town, you can mail a CD or cassette tape, or email an mp3 of your song to us. If you are in town you can come to your session, or listen LIVE over the internet in streaming audio. Full payment is due prior to the session. We accept VISA/Mastercard/Amex/Discover. We will send you our credit card authorization form along with your order sheet. We will also call you or meet with you prior to the session to discuss the style of the song and any special needs. We offer email digital song/album delivery for our local, national and International customers. No more waiting on Fedex or UPS. You can have your song immediately and securely via the Internet in CD format and MP3.


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