James Keith Norman’s second album “Lay Your Worries Down” produced by Mark Riddick for Mark Riddick Productions just broke the Top 10 Indie List, coming at #10 behind Adele’s Skyfall, from the James Bond movie “Skyfall”.”It’s a real honor to work with James on his first two records, and we’ve become great friends in the process. Record making is no easy task, and James totally trusted me with his record to go to out on a limb with new my arrangements and production techniques. His record has been well received and highly successful both in the U.S
Canada, and abroad. Click here to check out the video for the making of James Keith Norman’s first album. You can purchase the record on iTunes by clicking here. We’re just getting started on the third record which is due out later this summer 2013. Congrats Jim!” -Mark Riddick


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