Mark Riddick Productions, located in Nashville, Tennessee, produces everything from songwriter demos, to full length major label albums. Pop, Country, Rock, Christian, etc… Working with everyone from the independent songwriter to the major label artists and TV networks Films, and Ad Agencies. Mark has written, produced and mixed songs that have aired on radio and television. He’s also a Grammy voting member and a voting member of the CMA’s. Let’s talk about your next project…. We do not produce Rap Records.

In addition, Mark Riddick has taken on the role of developing songwriters through one-on one co-writing, and critique sessions. “Every great song out there started with an idea, followed by a great demo. My mission is to find those diamonds in rough, and we’ve been very successful in landing independent songwriters cuts with film/tv, and records”.

Mark Riddick, has been writing, producing, arranging, engineering, and mixing for most of his life. He has worked with ABC, Fox, Universal, Sony, EMI, and Miramax Pictures/Modern Music to name a few. He has worked with some of the legends like Verne Gosdin, Whispering Bill Anderson, to Nick Lachey, and Jessica Andrews. His love for music has led him to write, produce and mix records for Television, Pop, Rock, Country, World, and Christian. Mark Riddick is a Grammy voting member of NARAS. Mark has written, produced, and mixed many different genres of music, and whether it’s a master or a songwriting demo, they are both treated with equal importance and care.

“A lot of times I will be finishing up a mix on a demo project, or a record and the artist or investor will say, that’s good enough. My response has always been, no, it’s not, it’s a record how you spent part of your life, and you only have one chance at a first impression with a label. It’s gotta be amazing. Many of my demos, go on to become masters; and you only have one chance to make that first impression. You have to be better than anyone else.”

More than just a writer and producer, Mark has gone on to lend his talents to A&R and song consulting and publishing. “I was working with a guy from California who approached me about producing some songs for him. He had told me that the record companies and TAXI weren’t interested in his songs. His songs had promise but they were falling short. I scheduled a call and offered to provide some consulting on the songs. After several sessions, we came up with what we both felt were solid ideas and melodies. I produced three songs, and a Canadian Artist cut one, TAXI raved about them and asked who the producer was, and the third song is on hold to be cut. Talk about an about face by the record companies and TAXI!”

Whether it’s a demo or a master Mark Riddick is working on, he consistently provides a fresh, top quality, production.. Guaranteed. “I’m not happy until the artist is happy”.  – Mark Riddick


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